Think of us as your personal out-sourced marketing department.


We are here for you when you need us. it is our job to provide energy, motivation, direction, and marketing solutions to make your business grow, grow, GROW.
Besides great marketing ideas, we create a plan to help you craft a rock-solid brand identity. We specialize in impressive creativity, ingenuity and expertise in building power brands. Yeah we’re pretty good at coming up with smart advertising, marketing campaigns, high-impact public relations, & sales coaching too. We are nimble, and swift in execution, ensuring that our clients receive maximum value from their investment. We’re realistic people who honestly want to do what it takes to make an impact with your business. As cheesy as it sounds, your success is our success, and we stand by that.
What's on the Menu?
: marketing consulting & strategizing
: brand identity, building & execution
: digital marketing & social media
: public relations, sales coaching
: advertising & marketing campaigns
: media planning & management
: exhibit & tradeshow execution
: event planning
: social media design & management
: web site architecture, design & seo
: email marketing campaigns
: corporate communications
: direct marketing
: powerpoint and digital presentations
: graphic design, packaging & print
: mobile marketing
: video marketing
: in-your-face guerrilla-word of mouth!










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