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Besides BRILLIANT marketing ideas, we create a plan to help you craft a rock-solid brand identity. 


So you want to be a Big Shot...don’t ya?

It all started in a basement. (Don’t all good stories!?)

No...Literally. Kymberlee Kaye Raya is the Chief Imagination Officer at 
Big Shot Marketing and a bit of a visionary. She started Big Shot in 1997, in her basement, and has been on a creative mission ever since. 

You see...the team at Big Shot is extremely passionate about the work we do and the client’s that trust us with their businesses. We concept unique ideas, creative campaigns and rock-solid brand initiatives - all with the goal of taking action. Listen, we love a cute little design too but if our strategies don’t get results for the clients then what’s the point? If we can’t convert eyeballs into leads...we’re just any old ad agency.
Our ingenuity and expertise are the reason we are referral only. Our tenacity and drive make us the perfect partner for getting the job done.  

So let’s get down to work...

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